Lady Gaga – Fashion Of His Love Lyrics
I never was the kind of girl,
That’s naturally sure when it comes to love, oh no!
I was insecure, insecure!
But when it comes to you and me
I can’t deny this feeling I’m feeling inside,
Oh no, I’ve never been like this before!
This before, oh, no!
I seeing all the signs from above
I’m going to be the one that he loves
I was made for loving him
The Fashion of his Love!
Oh yeah
I’m gonna be his first and last kiss,
‘Cause baby I was born to be his
I was made for loving him
The Fashion of his Love (I love you)
You know that I’d never cheat on a man
‘Cause I’m not like that
I’m physically crafted to b
As fitting as McQueen
But when it comes to clothing a man
I’m fashionably just designed to be rad
Oh he’s, no words that seem to mean
What I mean, no no, no!
No I just can’t seem to forget you
No I can’t
But just as long as I met you
You’re my babe right through
I was made for you (I was made for you)

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